EBMTC Training Impact Assessment

Aims and objective

The aim of this study was to assess the impact that the EBMTC’s education and training has on employability, community engagement and on people’s lives. It was also aimed at examining the extent to which the centre has been able to meet its mandate.

Background and Methodology

EBMTC is an accredited training service provider. It is mandated to provide training and capacity building to Union members through need-based programmes developed internally. It serves as a resource for the Union and labour in general. The main aim of providing education and training by EBMTC is to enhance the skills of participants and broaden the scope of their professional experience so as to bring about change. For this reason, the centre realised the need to assess the level of impact it has had over the two decades of its existence.

The method used to conduct this study included a mixed-method interpretative approach, with the main focus on EBMTC and its beneficiaries. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. The major part of the research used qualitative methods, with quantitative methods being used for support and validation of the qualitative findings. A survey questionnaire was used in this study.

Key Findings and Contribution

After having completed the pilot study, the findings indicated that there has been an impact from the education and training offered by EBMTC. Participants reported an increased level of self-esteem as well as increased organizational and community networks. Furthermore, participants indicated an enhanced life-long learning attitude, with renewed interest in advancing their education and training.

Project Duration

The research project started in 2017 and is still in progress.